Aircraft Spares Procurement
There are few areas where Blue Sky Aviation does not have valuable experience and the Company has recently added a spares procurement arm to its organisation. The company are able, through its many aviation contacts, to acquire specific approved aircraft spares to meet customers financial and time sensitive needs. Spares can be sourced to meet scheduled aircraft maintenance checks or on a very time sensitive AOG basis.

Reduce the turbulence in your business
Blue Sky Aviation are able to offer affordable solutions for all aviation related issues. Whether it be for an Airline, Airport, Asset Management Organisation, Engineering Facility or a Company/Group needing assistance for an ad hoc charter flight, Blue Sky Aviation are suitably equipped to provide you with the solution that will “reduce the turbulence in your business”.
Projects can be undertaken on an ongoing or a per project basis. We are able to operate either independently or within your designated team, providing much needed outside advice and consultation. Sometimes it takes someone from outside your own organisation to find that you have your own internal solutions. Just because "we have always done it that way" doesn't mean that there isn't a better way - there probably is!

With our experience it is highly likely that we have come across the problem before and can offer fast advice, which is so crucial in containing costs in a highly volatile and cost consuming business.
Give us the opportunity of proving our statement that "we can reduce the turbulence in your business". Please call us today to benefit from our proven aviation experience. Our fees are cost effective and can be tailored to your exacting needs.