Ad Hoc Charter & Sub-Charter
With our extensive knowledge of the aviation industry we are able to offer fast and cost effective solutions to the ad hoc and subcharter markets. Whether it’s for a turbo-prop aircraft or larger commercial jet equipment, we have the resources to find the right type of aircraft to suit your needs. You set the time, place of departure and destination and we will tailor make a product to suit your needs. Ad Hoc charter flights are often used for corporate and sports events, but are also used by the Gas & Petroleum industries for movement of key personnel.

Sub Charter aircraft are required by scheduled and charter airlines to meet specific needs, often as a result of technical or crewing problems and in today’s demanding market it is not always possible to hold a reserve aircraft in the fleet to service such irregular demand. Therefore, Blue Sky Aviation are able to offer a service to Airlines at very short notice. Whether it is for a one off requirement or a longer-term project Blue Sky Aviation are able to offer solutions to safeguard your scheduled integrity and market position.