Aircraft Sales
We have experience of selling commercial aircraft, from the initial marketing and sales to contract negotiation and legal documentation. All aspects of the marketing and sale can be managed including aircraft viewing and technical assistance. Clients are provided with regular updates through the sale airline in its start up phase.

Wet & Dry Leasing
With our comprehensive database of airlines and aircraft we are able to offer customers short or longer-term wet or dry lease solutions for requirements for all types of commercial aircraft, from smaller turbo-props to wide body jets. We also have excellent experience of contract negotiation and can offer invaluable assistance at the negotiation stage and at the delivery and commencement of operations. Blue Sky Aviation has gained many years of valuable leasing experience with both turbo-prop and jet aircraft in the position of the lessor and the lessee.

Blue Sky Aviation are also able to offer Leasing Organisations commercial representation in the UK or Europe, thus reducing costs for customer consultation and for servicing customer needs from another continent.