Airline Start Up Consultancy
Starting an airline can be a minefield for the uninitiated. The regulatory authority in the UK, The Civil Aviation Authority, have very strict requirements on safety, finance, licensing, approved post holders, approved procedures in both the operation of the airline and in the approved maintenance of the airlines aircraft. These are contained in the airlines JAROps1 procedures and JAR145 maintenance approvals. The services of an experienced company in guiding a new entrant would be invaluable and would save immense time and costs. Blue Sky Aviation are able to offer clients a tailor made service encompassing all the needs of the new airline in its start up phase.

Aircraft Evaluation
Blue Sky Aviation have access to information on the many different types and series of commercial aircraft and are well placed to advise on specific aircraft types to meet a specific commercial requirement from financial and performance perspectives. We have contacts within the major manufacturers who can provide the information so necessary to make a constructive and informed opinion on aircraft evaluation.